The Other Girls

An original story

By Blitzblue123

Chapter One: Just Another First Day

“Yo, Blitz! It’s time for school!” Blitz slowly got up, looking around.

“Ugh, what? Now?”  She walked to her glass mirror, and looked at it. Hey, my name’s Blitz Blue… and let me just tell you about my weird life. She picked up her messy brownish brush with her hand and began to brush her mane of straight purple and white locks of hair.

“How you doing, Sunflower?” She patted her white husky, Sunflower, and it barked cutely in reply. I have the cutest little husky ever, her name’s Sunflower.

“Oh … Good.” Blitz sprinted away out the clean white bedroom door and Sunflower ran after her barking, the gentle wind slamming the door.

“Morning, Blitz.” Blitz’s mother Daisy smiled at her daughter. “Oh, finally, sweetie.”

That’s my mom, Daisy. She’s single and we don’t know our dad, he left, but we don’t really care much. Blitz hopped onto her velvety chair, and began eating. I inherited her strong personality and her looks and I inherited my dad’s tallness.

“Psh, hi, Blitz, what’s with the black outfit?” Blitz’s older sister Bolt smirked.

“’AY! That’s my usual outfit!” Blitz snapped. She looked down at her black shirt with a fire emblem and her short black tracksuit pants with a yellow streak down the side complete with black boots.

“Blitz, it looks nice,” complimented Blitz’s younger sister Trixie.

“Thanks,” Blitz sighed, shaking long strands of her purple and white hair out of her beautiful brown eyes. She took an apple, and began eating it. After finishing her breakfast, she took a quick shower, washing her hair. This year … I’ll make friends.

After the shower she dried herself off, put on her light gold metal necklace which comprised of a red lightning bolt.

She got her yellow backpack, her stuff together and left.

On the way to PHS (Pegasus Highschool) Blitz passed by a store with a whole bunch of high schoolers in that area. In her mind she was thinking, Wow, popular spot.

When she got there it was about seven o’ clock, and surprisingly not many people were there. Since it wasn't time to go to classes she thought, I'd sit and think about what I'm going to do for this year Meet teachers is step 1, Friends is my main priority, and be good in school. Sitting down, she opened a book, The Elements of Friendship.

The Elements of Friendship

By Dr. Atmosphere

Huh, weird name, thought Blitz cautiously. She kept reading.

The Elements of Friendship are ancient artefacts, used in the banishing of Lunar the Nightmare. There are four elements – Sky, Earth, Fire and Water – wielded by the previous Guardians of the land: Solaris, Cresendo, Chan and Lunar.

Lunar grew rather annoyed on how he was treated, and transformed into Lunar the Nightmare, wanting eternal night. His element, the Friendship Element of Sky, went dark, and turned into the Element of Evil.

Blitz put her casual white bookmark in the book, and closed it slowly.

As time went by more kids kept coming in. Some were either heading straight off for breakfast, some stayed and talked, and she saw a lot of instrument cases go into this one room. Probably band students.

It was 7:10 right now and more came in. Blitz kept looking at the door to see who else was coming. On that note she saw a girl happily skipping around.

My Solaris, she must be REALLY happy! She looks like she won the lottery or something. She was wearing a light blue tank top with a navy blue skirt and aqua thongs.

Blitz tried ignoring her, but, one glance, and she was right by Blitz.

Once she was right by she said, "Hi my name's Lexi!" she said in a cheery voice."I'mnewhere, wellactuallymostofusaarealln ew, butheywellallbenotnewinalitt lebit. Welligottogonowbye!" she said.

It's like whatever she said was all one word, thought Blitz. She was a But he, I made a friend … maybe.

It was now 7:20, and she started to head off to her first class. Her first class was Intro to Computer. Apps. When she found the class room Blitz went and saw the teacher. She told Blitz to take a seat in the desks in the middle of the room. When Blitz sat down more kids came in.

1st Period

When the bell rang, and everyone was in, she started to introduce herself.

"Hello class, my name is Mrs Chan, and I'm so glad we have some students in this class. So to get started I want all of you to pick a computer and we'll make computer seating chart out of this."

The computers were numbered, so Blitz chose number 4. She sat down next to a girl she didn't know. The girl was wearing something that looked like grassy clothing. She was a dark green shirt with a light green hoodie and grass green jeans and her long, blonde hair started to flow down her legs to her white joggers.

"Well howdy partner, name’s Emma, and I work down at Sweet Apple Acres!" in a southern accent. “I live with my granny, Granny Wills, my brother Pete, who is now in college, and little sister Alice who is in 8th grade."

"Well hello, my name is Blitz Blue. It's a pleasure to meet you. I have a little sister who is also in 8th grade." I said.

"Well boy howdy, yer sound very nice." in a pleasurable southern accent.

After they both finished their first assignment, Mrs Chan let them play games. The girl Blitz sat next on her other side was playing a game and was really good at it.

"Wow, you’re really good at that game." Blitz said in a surprising voice.

"Thanks!” the girl said loudly and Blitz recognized the girl as Lexi from the start of school.

"Lexi?” Blitz asked.

"Oh, hello! I didn’t get your name, what is your name, anyway?”

"Um, Blitz Blue,” Blitz stammered.


After all the introductions, she thought about for a bit and found that she may have made a couple friends. Yeah! I made 2 friends! Hopefully I can make more. She thought.

While walking to their 2nd periods Emma and Lexi and Blitz were seeing if they had the same class period.

Sadly they didn’t, but they did have lunch together, so that was good for Blitz.

2nd Period

Blitz’s point of view

When I got to my next class which was Geometry, Lexi, the girl from earlier, was in my class.

When she recognized me, she gasped and ran over to me and said, "Oh My GOSH, you’re the girl from earlier, oh my god we should totally be friends!" she said.

“Ummm…” Before I could even respond, she said, "Yes we are total friends!' Pinkie said.

She is already my friend, I thought.

"So uh...what's your name again." she asked.

"Blitz Blue." I said, kind of annoyed.

"Well Blitz, are you going to go tryout for anything, because I'm going for cheerleading!" she said.

"I don't know." I said in a questionable tone of voice.

After the bell rang, a girl with spiky long brown hair dyed with red streaks, like a rainbow. She wore a charcoal hoodie, jeans, and a flame red skivy bumped into me in class.

The male teacher, Mr Hart, frowned at the tomboyish girl uneasily.

"Miss Vandom, you're late." he said "But since it's the first day you're not in trouble."

She looked like she didn't care if she got in trouble or not.

She took her seat next to me and she glanced at me coldly.

"Hey." she said.

"Hello." I said.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"Blitz Blue." I said.

"My name's Jaden Vandom, the bad boy tomboy," she said, then head banged the wooden desk. What did that desk ever do to deserve a headbang?

"Really, that must be cool." I said. Wow, bad boy. I thought.

"Well, I am a pretty badass tomboy. I usually make everything 20% cooler." She said in an arrogant voice.

As the usual first days go, it's getting to know people and all that other stuff. I found out that Lexi is a pretty crazy kind of party girl. She loves the water and she can make people happy fast. Jaden is more of a tomboy, obviously. She loves sports, video games, and anything that involves competition.

The bell finally rang and I'm pretty sure I'm making friends by the second.


Finally lunch.

When I got into the lunch line I was looking around for Lexi, Jaden and Emma.

I found Emma sitting down at a table with Jaden and it looks like she brought a lot of apple food. apples, apple fritters, apple pie, and apple juice.  She really likes apples.

Jaden just went for the line and got a veggie burger, carrots, milk, and some orange juice.

After I got my lunch we sat down and started to eat.

"Hey girls." I said.

"Hey." Jaden said in a unconvinced sort of way. 

"Howdy." Emma said.

"BLITZY!" I heard. Obviously Lexi.

She came running up to me and gave me a huge hug. I felt like I was about to run of breath.

"So how's everyone's day been going?" I asked .

"Good." They replied in unison .

Well first day and usually nothing really happens.

"Hey, I heard we are not going to have classes for 2 days starting tomorrow, something about a freshman conclave."I said. Then everyone was happy to hear that.

When the bell rang, we threw away our trash and went off to class.

4th Period

When English came, I was ready because it's my favorite subject.

When I took my seat, I sat down to this girl with black hair, and what she wore was pretty she wore a blouse that looked like she made it herself, with skinny jeans, and white boots, not like Jaden's boots who was black, they had a bit more shine to them.

"Umm...excuse me, but did you make that yourself?" I asked pointing at the blouse.

"Why, yes I did darling, and did take me a long time to make." She said in a japanese accent. Just be a class girl, I thought.

"Wow, it looks pretty." I said .

"Thank you darling." she said.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Sakura Melody. And what is yours darling?" Sakura asked.

"Blitz Blue, nice to meet you."I  said .

During the rest of the class I learned a lot about Sakura. She makes a lot of her clothes and has a sister named Katy, who is in 8th grade.

Third person point of views

As the rest of the day went on Blitz learnt a lot. When it was time to go, she met up with Jaden, Lexi and Emma.

“So guys, we’re meeting up at the statue of Solaris in the Lunar Forest?” Emma smoothed her long blonde hair aside.

“Yup, and Blitz’s helping us with the project!” excitedly said Lexi with a smile.

“She is,” said Jaden, in a cold voice that gave Blitz shivers down her spine. “Now let’s get going.”

End of Chapter

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