Lexi is one of the four main characters of The Other Girls.

The author of The Other Girls planned to have the four main characters as (Lexi - Element of Fun / Blitz - Element of Deterimination / Emma - Element of Earth / Jaden would turn to the dark side) but the author, conscious, changed their Elements. Emma Wills was the only one whose character's element was not changed. It is noted that Lexi is extremely happy most of the time in The Other Girls.


Lexi has short red hair with ocean blue eyes, dark skinned. She usually wears a light blue tank top with a navy blue skirt, and also wears aqua thongs.

In her guardian form she has long black hair with ice blue eyes, and wears a sea blue dress with slippers made of shells.

Element PowersEdit

As the Friendship Element of Water, she has the ability to control water(obviously).

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